Fuzhou love months sister-in-law Service Center is Fuzhou area most has influence of professional brand maternal and child nursing Center, is national maternal and child nursing industry maximum of chain brand "Fuzhou love months sister-in-law" in Fuzhou established of branch
company established Yu 2000, had times won maternal and child industry gold institutions award, and outstanding contribution award, and crystal color award, and 09 get China ten most has influence brand, China maternal and child nursing service institutions can trust brand award, and That same year in here participate in China most has influence brand peak Forum, and Fuzhou love months sister-in-law, and Fuzhou months sister-in-law, and Fuzhou months sister-in-law company, and Fuzhou months sister-in-law price, and Fuzhou please months sister-in-law how many money, and Fuzhou months sister-in-law network, and Fuzhou months sister-in-law intermediary, and Fuzhou which home months sister-in-law company good, and Fuzhou best of months sister-in-law company and get China international professional talent authorized of Red Wall senior maternal and child nursing Division training certification institutions, award!
Fuzhou rigorous confinement service center management, science, is based on maternal and child care professional care authority. The service personnel is the result of women's and children's Medical Center experts and advanced knowledge skills training and a rigorous assessment of parenting experts, 100% certified, and a large number of professional staff with rich experience. Fuzhou love months sister-in-law Service Center from rigorous of work attitude to standardized of management system and the quality of service concept, is Liaoning area from all walks of life friends of concern, professional of months sister-in-law service most science perfect of newborn nursing, for maternal provides confined nutrition food, postpartum fumigation, postpartum repair, no pain urged milk, features service, nursery Division service for baby provides science of diet, and bath, Fu touch and passive fuck, accident hurt of prevention and the processing, children enlightenment education, big and fine action, language, and perception, and Cognitive development and a series of precocious education.