is for the national long-term recruitment of domestic workers, and details are as follows:
, the attendant conditions:
1, 18-45 years old, female, 1.50 meters, junior high school and above, handsome, healthy, smart at work, patient, honest, no bad habits (depending on the circumstances, may be appropriate to relax the conditions).
2, family and voluntary work in domestic service, diligent, hardworking and willing to obey the company's management, and can speak Mandarin.
3, complete documents, real (the original ID card, issued by the local governments of migrant to prove, one-inch photo of three), hospitals above the county level health requirements (including liver, hepatitis b, five in the chest), no infectious disease, psychosis, skin diseases, etc.
II, work:
maternity care, infant care and confinement, parental sister-in-law. Laundry, cooking and cleaning, General housekeepers
III, salary:
3-7 day 1, we have to train new staff, and according to individual conditions are assigned to different jobs.
2, for the staff and customers of the company the consolidated employment contract signed, guaranteed salary on time. Salary standards: food, 800 Yuan/month-4000 RMB/month, depending on how much work and pay monthly payments.