Confinement or to avoid certain food

  6-8 week in women after childbirth, medically known as puerperium, commonly known as "confinement". In "confinement" during the diet and nutrition are very important. To replace production losses on the one hand, on the other hand also to meet the baby's needs. Therefore, not only to pay attention to a certain number, also requires a certain level of quality. Diets are high in nutrients, easy to digest. In addition to not eating spicy and chewy the food as well as alcohol and tobacco, a generally don't clash. It was reported that the postpartum smoking, lack of breast milk due to the nicotine inhibits the secretion of milk.
for the maternal diet, consistent with the principles of nutrition should be promoted. Does not meet the nutritional requirements of health diet and superstitious practices, should educate the public through publicity to correct. As some place postpartum month within not let maternal eating all meat food, more not allows eat eggs, and fish, and only associate drink brown sugar water and millet gruel, such not only from diet in the intake heat insufficient, more serious of is lack protein, and fat, and vitamin and minerals, this on maternal and baby are is is adverse of; also some place not let maternal eat cold, often put fruit and watermelon as diet of food, said "confinement" during paid little attention to food and fruits will makes milk secretion stop, caused no milk and so on, this is no science truth of must change. It should be noted that first few days postpartum maternal gastrointestinal function still not back to normal, food not too rich to light digestible and nutritious food as well. Worries within 24 hours, be fed liquid or semi liquid diet, such as millet, rice gruel, Lotus root starch, eggs, soup, noodles, of which chaos, soy milk is, book. With the restoration of physical strength and an increase in appetite can eat a normal diet. Heat sufficient intake of high protein foods. Conditions, it may be appropriate to eat more meat, eggs, fish, milk, soy products, fresh vegetables and fruits, in order to promote the secretion of milk. Conditions do not eat these foods, for example, also often eat eggs, soy products, vegetables, and so on. In short, postnatal nutrition, eating a variety of foods. Meal meat mix dilute mix coarse grain mix to meet the body's need for nutrients, maternal health and child's growth and development is very beneficial.

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