Month position should be clear

  with the arrival of Olympic year and Olympic fever so far this year, demand for the month continued to rise. And every year from August to October, the baby boom, month demand has increased not reduced. But the accompanying problems that occur more and more, more and more obvious. Some confinement will only do nannies work, far from the needs of employers. More than more than 2000 Yuan a month to month, but will only do nannies work. Employers have even for 3 people are not satisfied with, that he is not worth the money. Confinement are also frustrated, saying he is not a healthcare professional, employer's requirements are too high. This is the month the embarrassment caused by the unclear.
month is specialized in maternal and neonatal nursing housekeepers. Month as a new element of the domestic industry, is an extension of medical care to families. Typically, the "month" working set of nannies, nurses, cooks, nurses work in one, currently in Beijing, Tianjin and other places of "confinement" earning between 2000-4000. Foreign Affairs more profitable.
around the center of maternal and child health, confinement with a strong sense of character, and the employer is not a traditional understanding of "master and servant" relationships, not simply at the level of the family nanny. Except daily is responsible for maternal and the baby of living diet, and cook delicious of "confined meal" outside, also to provides confined nursing, and nursery, and maternal and child health advisory service, specific including maternal nursing (nutrition conditioning, and reasonable meals, and postpartum psychological grooming, and assist maternal recovery physical), and life cuisine (assist maternal bathing, and for maternal laundry, and finishing bedroom, and keep lounge clean), and newborn nursing (newborn feeding, and newborn jaundice observation), and life cuisine (for newborn bath, and cleaning baby diaper and clothing, and Baby supplies and disinfection), the potential development of newborn (neonatal care, massage for the newborn, growth rate record).

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