Newborn nursing experiences of 20

  1. In order to increase the absorption of calcium in newborn babies on breast milk should baby eat a grain of kexin, milk under clothing, maternity hospital opened, it is best to eat about 1.
2. Baby eczema, some are allergic to milk, plenty of housing caused by too high temperatures in the wet, the Institute opened on special skin cream, it works.
3. Calcium products say the Institute's calcium is best, but many people every day of the Institute, opened a drug expected to wait a day.
4. Newborn bowel movements such as found in milk is indigestion of the baby, Mommy took maternity hospital opened loving, or extend the feeding intervals was fully digested by babies.
5. If you find your baby ass red, homemade pepper oil, smear each time you change diapers and days worked. My confinement gave me fried pepper oil hasn't run out yet.
6. Let the baby lie to exercise the neck every day, but preferably not more than 3 minutes.
7. Fat babies pay attention to the neck, underarms, thighs and other wrinkle care, the best often put some talcum powder.
8. In summer to paint the baby powders, baby powder coating the best.
9. Wrapped in diaper folding before throwing them away, both health and may prevent the odor from leaking.
10. Sleep at night can take your socks off baby, babies slept comfortably, but note that soles do not catch cold.
11. New baby will be afraid of the dark, a night light can be opened at night, but also easy to observe the baby's condition.
12. To prevent the baby spilled milk, eat after going up, and no other position, separated and then put the baby down. But also pay close attention to your baby's condition. My baby is sometimes played after every 1 hour be spilled milk. Along with the development of baby perfect milk spills will be gradually eased.
13. Sometimes babies sleep eating breastmilk is not necessarily his full, probably was tired of eating. So often suck breast milk came out to see how many are enough.
14. Room temperature at 25 degrees or more when you give the baby a bath, put some water in the winter, cool heat.
15. Winter water immediately after bathing with a large bath towel wrap, from kneading under baby legs on, wipe the moisture while also touching.
16. How to determine why babies cry?
a ... hungry: characterized by constant intense crying, reaction to gently touch the mouth appear to find milk, your baby will quickly turn your fingers on one side and opened her mouth to suck, very lovely yo.
b./pee: characterized by continuous crying and kicking his legs, open the diapers don't cry. If found that baby boys small JJ stands it is to pee, do you want to use the diaper to catch, or just TALK BIG ... ...
c. sleeping uncomfortable: baby lay there whisper, head, may be not comfortable, you can help her adjust.
d. cuddly: excluding the above possibilities, it would hold up, sometimes babies just want adults to coax coax, accompanied by
e. sleep: this is my after 1.5 months to review the possibility of 1-2 months, most babies will sleep, characterized by continuous crying, difficult to coax. At first we thought that he was hungry, just to feed, but he don't eat, will eat up to, can digest them or pull out soon. Later learned was sleep, hoping to sleep with a pacifier. So we bought NUK pacifiers, but this thing really works! Immediately stopped crying into his mouth, suck suck hard in there and soon fell asleep. Adults also was able to rest on one side. The pacifier is not recommended for long-term use, baby is asleep can come up with.
17. Small beds don't have to buy too good and too expensive, bed + BU Wei Zi is enough. Neither the taste, price is moderate. The cradle is optional, we feel that excessive shaking could be harmful to your baby's head and neck, partly because people fear the cradle rocks affected his sleep, so we bought the cradle does not shake once, sleeping in the crib is also quite good.
18. How to judge the changing diapers. Find diapers often will baby's thighs, leaving red marks or tape around but the replacement of older models.
19. Usual stroking with her hands stroked the baby's legs, baby will love it, I instantly straighten the legs, this can help.
20. How to make a baby sleep. After the baby is born will have a sense of insecurity, often waving his arms in his sleep, woke up easily also. Old quilts baby round the experience was good, put his hands into the quilt, quilt on either side and then press to squeeze the baby's body with a pillow. Baby would feel like in her mother's arms, slept more realistic. At the beginning we thought that babies can't move more sad, practice found that ginger was hot!

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