Postpartum body changes

  "confinement", medically known as puerperium, in that time, maternal health from pregnancy is gradually returning to normal. This process generally weeks postpartum 6-8. The most obvious of these is the uterus, it will shrink back to smaller than a fist. The skin and the breast, sitting out the excretory functions of the skin of women strong, body excess liquid drain through the skin, so sweat more, sometimes really "sweating". Breasts are the child's "food", 3-4 days postpartum swelling, stiff, tenderness, with gray-white or yellowish secretion of milk, this is colostrum. Colostrum contains a lot of protein, can get the baby's resistance to certain infectious diseases, is the natural "inoculation", should not be discarded. Within 24 hours postpartum uterine contraction, blood from the uterus out and heart burdens women with heart disease have been tested. Note that not having children would sit back and relax. Bladder pressure during childbirth, which shortly after birth are not completely eliminated, so prone to urinary retention, ground to discharge urine, do not hold back the urine.

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