Risk of breast-feeding should be avoided at night

  had such an unfortunate case: a new mother was awakened in his sleep, suddenly to subconsciously touch children, children stood motionless, turned on the light, blue child, hold up and rushed to the hospital, it was too late, and child respiratory tract was the milk Cup was full, suffocate to death.
Internet new mothers, at night, especially after midnight, when when the baby wants milk, MOM was sleeping soundly, and feeding her child in a hazy, very prone to danger, especially to feed their children, are more prone to accidents.
night-time feeding and nurse during the day any different? Differences are the following:
1. night light, blurred vision, difficult to find baby skin color and spilled milk.
2. MOM sleepy, easy to overlook your breasts through the child's nostrils, so that the child respiratory congestion.
3. MOM in Twilight, with nipples in her children asleep, can occur when the nipple plug the nostrils and cause choking in children, may also be galactorrhea and suffocation.
4. mother afraid of affecting other people in the middle of sleep, baby cries with nipple immediately coax, results the middle child the breast with increasing frequency, nocturnal feeding habits of bad habit. Feeding infants sleep times.
from the above points of view, mothers should sit up like the daytime feeding, feed light is not Dim, to be able to clearly see the child's skin color. Still puts up a hug and patted back after feeding, burping and then down. Observation for a while, such as sleep, turn off the lights, but, be sure to keep the Dim light in order to discover when the child spilled milk.

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