Why do mothers must sit out

in the body during pregnancy, your body has changed, so you need to adjust from the confinement.
genital: after baby, cervix and vulva becomes soft, congestion, edema, endometrial surface wounds and flaking. Normal delivery case, genital mutilation takes more than 10 days to about 42 days recovery, uterine, endometrial rehabilitation needs of about 56 days.
body organs: the baby in the womb, to increase the burden of your heart. Due to the baby against your diaphragm rises gradually, your heart was shifting, Lung burden is heavier, nasal, pharyngeal and tracheal mucosal hyperemia and edema, and kidney burden is heavier, the endocrine system and joint will change accordingly. Restoration of the functions of these organs, and have to rely on conservation in the month.
II. physical
in the process of childbirth, baby give you a certain degree of damage. In labor pains when, consumed energy, makes you weak resistance drops, this also needs to rest to recover after childbirth.
scientific methods of confinement is not anything like a traditional practices "cannot", what should I do to see if expert advice.
1. rest
rest are sitting out a priority. Postpartum must be at home resting, sleep, do not allow yourself to fatigue, but never whole months lying on the bed. Typically, the day after the baby is born, you should walk in the fields.
2. attention to the recovery of uterine
postpartum recovery you want to observe the uterus, that is, to observe the color change from red to white of Lochia, number fewer, by smell to odorless, General should be discharged in a month NET, Lochia, dirty or abnormal, doctors in a timely manner. Remember that postpartum 6-8 week to go to the hospital after the post-natal check.
3. keep in good spirit
postpartum women due to physiological changes, spirit is relatively weak, coupled with increased pressure, is likely to develop postpartum depression. Therefore, be sure to keep a cheerful atmosphere at home, especially the husband should be considerate of his wife, in the spirit and life support.
4. arrange
postpartum diet a few days ago, your body is very weak, it is necessary to restore their physiological function, while breastfeeding, so you need enough geothermal energy and various nutrients, while also taking into account that you have not fully recovered bowel function. During the confinement diet principles are:
soft, delicious food, easy to digest.
smaller meals: your gastrointestinal functions have not yet returned to normal, you have to eat much food, you can eat five to six times a day.
rare pairing: this is more conducive to digestion and absorption. Guaranteed supply of nutrients, sparse enough moisture.
meat, and light is suitable.
inedible raw, cold, hard food.
should not be too hot, too fast into filling.
5. maintain clean
from the next day after delivery, you can, as usual, normal hair, brush your teeth, gargle. Hair makes your blood flow, increase spirit. Is something wrong if your gums, you can gargle with gauze wrap fingers, huoxue tongluo, strong teeth.
6. appropriate exercise
in the confinement necessary exercise, do some post-natal gymnastics, physical fitness and body can recover very well.
7. absolutely avoid sex
female reproductive organs after pregnancy and childbirth trauma of change must be over a period of time to return to normal, maternal body fully restored to 56 days. Normal deliveries after 56 days, before life began, and preferably is started again after the menstruation recovery sexual life. Forceps and suturing, wound healing, scarring scarring to start sexual life; if c-sections, then at least until three months later.

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