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Do you right to the baby shower

  children's bath to prevent skin diseases
"summer babies from the dirt in the sweat glands of the skin need to be cleared in a timely manner. " The Zhengzhou children's hospital said Zhu Xiaohua, Director of the Center on children's health, due to the delicate skin of children, summer is vulnerable to viruses, bacteria, and cause local skin redness, inflammation, heat rash, and methods of prevention is to keep the skin clean and bathe.
"baby skin's skin is very soft, so for the baby shower, be sure to gently wipe. " Zhu Xiaohua said, first to carefully cleaning hip, small fart fart of around, and two leg between of folds at, and toilet row will channel mouth, are to with temperature and humidity of cotton ball dipped some run skin dew light swab light wipe, then again wash, and wash head, and wash body, and armpit Xia, and elbow bent, and finger sewing, and navel eye, and leg bent, and toe sewing, place, are is cleaning of focus, wash clean Hou, with dry towel wipe dry baby.
"so, after getting up in the morning, after NAPs, evening before going to sleep, can give children bathing 3 times a day, for about 10 minutes at a time. " Zhu Xiaohua said that regular cleaning habits, for children's healthy growth and the habit of cultivation of patience, will, in the future, all have an important role.
cold shower is not often wash cool
"as little as possible in the summer of cold baths. " Hospital in Henan province, said Liu Aimin, head of Dermatology, hot summer days, people active sweat glands, secrete sweat more, when people sweat, skin pores are opened, if taking a cold shower, hot and cold stress, irritated pores will close rapidly, not only will the body washed the dirt off, and also easily lead to heat rash and other skin diseases.
some young people in the movement after the cold shower, felt something, but are likely to feel lethargic, sometimes it can even be a headache. This is because the body sweating when capillaries are in a State of expansion, if a cold shower, and sharp contraction of blood vessels, inhibition of body heat by an outside force, could not distribute it, and intracranial artery is very rich, is very sensitive to outside stimuli.
in the hot season, after exercise, particularly prone to sweating of the head, then rinse with cold water if the head, may lead to intracranial Vascular Dysfunction cause dizziness, headache , blacked out, and even vomiting may occur, serious, may also be caused by intracranial hemorrhage. "The bath water temperature should not be too high in the summer, generally in the warm water of 35 ℃ ~ 40℃. " Liu Aimin said that washing also should not be too many, too many normal secretion of skin oils and parasites in the skin's protective microflora all washed away, easily lead to cutaneous pruritus, skin resistance will decrease as a result.

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