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Don't neglect the baby nails

  while the baby was sleeping when nails mother of
beams, baby manicure, fear most is the baby to, so it is best to pick the baby is sleeping or feeding when cutting.
baby manicure nail, first of all, to choose the right nail scissors, baby manicure nail scissors should be curved in front of small, blunt scissors or nail clippers. Secondly, when trimmed, mother's thumb and index finger of one hand firmly hold children's fingers, holding a pair of scissors from the edge of the other end along the natural curve of the nail gently rotate the scissors, nails cut, don't let the scissors close to nail at the tip, in case the cut nail down tender meat cuts in children's fingers. Cut to check a margin there is no square corners or spike, if any should be trimmed. If the dirt under the nails, not with RASP tip or other sharp items should be after you cut the nails clean water to prevent infection. Baby manicure take care not to cut it too short, so as not to damage the skin caused by infected and affected children's normal activities.
do not give baby gloves
some parents fear for their children cut their nails hurt children, but nails scratched her own face, gloves for the baby. Pediatrics, Dr Leung said, it's not good for the baby's health.
, Dr Leung said, looked as if wearing gloves can protect the newborn's skin, but from the perspective of infant development, which tied directly to the child's hands and limit the fingers, not conducive to the development of tactile. Second, the baby's hands always touching everywhere, nails grow inevitably hidden dirt, and most babies like to suck their fingers, so bacteria can easily be eaten into the stomach and cause diarrhea or long parasitic diseases.
, for the baby's health, parents should not ignore the nails for the baby.

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