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Eczema get rid of mind

  baby start from more than 20 days in face, neck, ear eczema and chest after 30 days when the baby hair found: there are plenty of small red spots on the head. Read said on 1-2 months baby's eczema is normal, care can be, not too much.
40 days backed away when jaundice vaccinations, doctor says eczema not can't play back, and began to focus on the treatment of eczema. Olds said it was holding, I believe that Grandma and Grandma took child cold in the confined, you an I layer cover the child. But why there? Did not wear anything on his head? But I still try to slowly into thin clothes for the children, covers a little less at night, however, eczema does not recede. When consulting the problem to see jaundice, the doctor said children were allergic Constitution, let children check allergen, or my diet. I didn't let the children blood, began to clash, shrimp, crab, milk, eggs ... ... Outside of pork, almost, I don't eat all the meat, even the cooking oil and salt. A few days later, the child's eczema was still not back, but eczema tends to spread on the chest. I wants to see TCM's, medicine on children of stimulus should small some's, I put children of eczema took into photo (to hospital of children are is sick of children, don't this disease rule good again contracted other problem), took with camera to in the medical school has, doctor said does is eczema, to open has a medicine of five detoxification bulk (hospital of internal drug), main of function is heat detoxification, also open has a topical of Scorpion cream, I Internet check has, this drug main of function seems not treatment eczema, and not children dedicated of drug. Oral Medicine for three days, and topical drugs merely gave them a place, because not sure is valid. Three days later no effect, give the child stopped. Check around, found that everyone says the capital Institute of infantile eczema skin cream on special work, asking around where can I buy the drugs and found love-pregnancy baby shops have sold. Love special of customer service personnel also do has is detailed of description, said shop in sold of this skin Le cream is son Institute by of, but and son Institute by prescription open of skin Le cream is has must difference of, prescription of skin Le cream drug big some, addition also may tie son Institute by of wash liquid with using, pregnancy baby shop of skin Le cream drug more prescription drug small. Holding a try to buy early in the morning, after buying bath the baby clean skin, and only parts of the chest, to see the effect. A look at the effect this afternoon, give the child all the eczema is smeared, and the next day, the child's skin becomes pale, the red dots on the face significantly subsided. Now with three days of medicine, baby eczema is gone.
this process gave me a lesson: sometimes doctors better network! Doctors tried, networks have tried!

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