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Means of touching neonates and points

  points of touching neonates with
the above operation is very simple and easy to do, might as well give it a try. To know that pet is not a mechanical movement, it is up to you and your baby finish. Touch convey a loving, caring, kissing and cuddling, it is a kind of love, a treatment, it will bring you and your baby happy and healthy. Note
1, let your baby rested after touching and massage, and too full or too hungry, the best half an hour after a meal.
2, massage lightly and then gradually to strength, let your baby slowly.
3, do not force the baby to maintain a fixed position.
4, the umbilical cord of the baby Cradle cap does not fall off, abdominal massage do not, such as navel massage after the scabs fall off.
5, in touch, we can disrupt the sequence of touch or excerpt sections of touching and massage the baby.
6, baby's emotional reaction when heated, needs to stop touching and massage.
baby massage touch is what we often say, research shows that have skills to caress and touch the baby's body. Whole process of emotional exchange of love between mother and son, through both the mother's hand and let a lot of good, moderate stimulation through skin receptors into the child's brain, promotes the development of the nervous system, thereby increasing your baby's emotional intelligence and IQ. So how do you massage them?
of touching neonates head: two central sliding over to the side of the thumb from the submandibular gland, lips formed smile, two central pushed to the side of the thumb from the forehead, hair from his forehead to the back with both hands, each of the two middle fingers stopped at the ear, just like shampoo when washing your hair.
chest: his hands from under external direction on the side of the chest above the cross, and form a large cross in the chest.
belly: two hands from the baby on the right lower abdomen abdominal abdominal moves to the left, is draw a semicircle clockwise. Limbs: seize babies arm with both hands, alternating from arm to gently squeeze your wrist, as well as herdsmen to milk, scrubbing and rolling and then from top to bottom, on the side and to the practice of both lower extremities.
hand and foot with two thumb pulp from baby's heel cross, to advance on toe, pinch and pull the toe joint, practice with the same foot.
: the line of the spine, spine and hands at right angles, move hands to the repeat in the opposite direction, starting from the back top moving hips, shoulders back.
touch the time normally scheduled after the shower, NAP or night before you start, when choosing a baby not too hungry or irritable, less action at the beginning and gradually increase the pressure, newborn can no longer focused attention, each touch action cannot be repeated too often, start with 5 minutes, and then extended to 15-20 minutes.

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