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Neonatal milk, don't rush strong

  what does not know, it is because of her mother's "worthy of strong" killed Xiao Bao! newborn stomach capacity of approximately 50 ml, intestinal length is about six times the length, leaving the mother's baby, digestive organs are delicate, underdeveloped digestive gland, secreting function, many digestive enzymes has not been formed.
, milk and mix proportion of water in the feeding process is very elegant, must be prepared according to the cooking instructions. If it is too thick, it can cause indigestion, intestinal necrosis, shock caused by severe or even life-threatening.
If too thin, children's inadequate supply of nutrients, ranging from lead to malnutrition, to become a "big Doll".
remind many young parents: neonatal milk and water mix must be scientific and reasonable.

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