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New MOM postpartum recovery and aftercare

  of pregnancy and childbirth, make Mommy's body has undergone tremendous changes, only careful, as soon as possible in order to make the body to rest, to recover quickly. Take care of lying-in women this seemingly simple things, there are still a lot of learning.
reminds a: body clean to properly
some maternal follow some traditional custom, delivery Hou number days can't brushing, and combs and the bath, fear injury body actually such on health adverse because maternal delivery Hou, daily eating large of protein, if eat Hou not brushing, will on teeth and oral mucosa has is big of stimulus, most easy caused oral inflammation, and teeth loose.
postpartum metabolic strong maternal sweating, Lochia down and overflowing milk, which can make your skin very dirty, affecting mood also easy to breed bacteria.
the right way: keep warm normal wash, second day postpartum you can start brushing your teeth, if it is winter with warm water; note the right brush position. If it is a natural childbirth, postpartum shower, tub-ban. In addition, dry faster after washing the body, dressed in a timely manner, and blow dry immediately after washing your hair.
bade II: promotion of Lochia discharge drain
of postpartum maternal vaginal discharge abnormal menstruation-like fluids and secretions, it is uterus decidual, wound of placenta blood formation, and normal blood, therefore the less the better. During the first 3 days postpartum discharge larger (pure blood), about a week later, no blood, white or yellowish-white, about 2--3 weeks postpartum exhaustion, Lochia discharge marks the uterus recover and there is no exception.
the right way: postpartum note change of underwear, sanitary napkins. If the Lochia is more, you can also take motherwort. If your Lochia has more blood clots or blood volume, or smell, have indicated that recovery side of the uterus, infection is possible, should seek medical advice as soon as possible.
bade the three: pay attention to timely urination, prevents constipation
Mommy in postpartum urination in a timely manner, a great event this is the recuperative period, in case of urinary retention, bladder expansion could affect uterine contractions, not conducive to the postpartum recovery. Other mothers do not eat vegetables, eat only meat, but also cause constipation.
the right approach: urine discharge, particularly in 4--6 postpartum hours should have a urine properly, eat fiber foods, if constipation, not to abuse drugs, and taking of Simo decoction.
bade the four: growing obesity prevention
after many women out of the confinement, she became bloated, and difficult to restore, so from confinement began to pay attention.
the right approach: activities as soon as possible: as long as the body, perineum or fracture, 12 hours postpartum to sit up and eat and drink, some 24 hours to get out of bed to do the diaper thing; 10 days you can do minor chores, but be careful not to long squat, overexert, so as not to increase abdominal pressure damage to reproductive organs. First get out of bed the best companionship.
you want to eat a balanced diet: a diet dominated by light, nutritious food, eat lean meats, beans, fish, eggs, and vegetables and fruits, eat less fats, sweets, sugar and other food, attention to the soup when it is best to grease off.
breastfeeding your baby: babies sucking can promote uterine involution, thus making bloated quick retraction of the abdominal wall, lactation can promote the metabolism, reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous fat.
exercise: take walk, if you want to exercise it is inappropriate or not conducive to recovery, preferably in production after six months.
bade five: family care essential
many women in postpartum appear poor sleep, fatigue, irritability, depression, pessimism; this is more due to childbirth to stimulate strong spiritual reaction, but also with the social and psychological factors.
the right approach: suggest you properly from the start of pregnancy to study some knowledge of production, production of mental and physical preparation, this special time of life following the birth, the family must be more understanding and care for maternal, husband had better be by side, always take the initiative to do, care of his wife. Particularly the introverted, opinionated woman tempered family of boy or girl cared; forceps when mothers, family members should note that psychologists, guidance, if necessary.
bade VI: need more care
breasts the breast is an important organ in females, in order to prevent some women postpartum breast SAG and breast disease, postnatal attention to health.
the right approach: breastfeeding, do not wear Bras, should wear a feeding bra; if the milk is not finished, empty, not heave as the standard.
bade VII: 42 days postpartum taboo sex
womb wounds and involution of the uterus for at least 42 days, early sex, has the potential to bring germs into, causing pelvic inflammatory disease .
the right approach: better post-natal reproductive organs had returned to normal and then use venery but, in addition, do not come menstruation does not mean not Ovulating, breast-feeding should also pay attention to birth control.

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