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Newborn hiccups for three reasons

  newborn hiccups there are three big reasons why
newborn hiccups are mostly benign, self-limited hiccups, no adult to feel uncomfortable, "" he'll be good, of course, newborn hiccups should be based on prevention. When children cry Qi advised not to consume, to have correct posture position while feeding. Breast-fed infants, as breast milk is adequate, while eating, you should avoid milk flow too fast; artificial feeding of children, should be avoided when urgent and fast, ice, hot, sucks to swallow less slow pharynx. Newborn hiccups toy teasing or provides soft music to transfer its interest, reduce the frequency of belching.
newborn burp more by three aspects reasons caused:
a is due to nursing improper, exogenous cold, cold of gas inverse and not shun, saying is "drink has cold" and induced burp; II is due to milk food improper, if milk food not control, or had food cold milk or had clothing cold drug is stagnation no, spleen and stomach function weakened, and gas machine lifting disorders and makes stomach gas Shang inverse moving diaphragm and induced burp;
three is due to eating too hastily or surprised cry zhihou eating, moment choking also can induced burp.
usually if there is no other disease and sudden hiccup, hiccup sound strong and continuous high, generally caused by a cold cold, drink some hot water and thorax and abdomen covered cotton warm clothing in winter can also coat a hot water bag by external insulation, and sometimes died and more. If the attack for a long time or frequent seizures may also soak in boiling water a small amount of orange peel (Orange skin with Shu Qi, turbidity of the stomach, the role of temper), until the water temperature is suitable for drinking, cold for the hiccups.
who is breast feeding standstill or does not think of milk food, can't digest hiccups can smell sour smell, digestion stagnation methods available, such as chest and abdomen massage to bleed down water or beverage service Hawthorn ventilation catharsis (Hawthorn is sour in taste, stomach digestion, increases the secretion of digestive enzymes), fresh anger, and hiccups.

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