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Add calcium and cod-liver oil

  breast milk is the most ideal food for babies, and calcium to phosphorus ratio is best for infant intestinal absorption of calcium. Therefore, the baby 0-2 months early breastfeeding to use calcium supplements. But breast milk calcium content, need calcium supplements since 2 months. MOM can add the right amount of calcium in a baby drinking water supplement, 2-3 times a day can add no strict limit on the number.
infants grow quickly, but less food, if not always the Sun, would have led to the body by Victoria d lack, thus affecting the absorption of calcium. The most common vitamin d preparations is concentrated cod-liver oil. Cod liver oil is a nutrition mainly consists of vitamins a and d. Vitamin a for the maintenance of night vision and integrity of the epithelial cells have an important role to prevent night blindness due to vitamin a deficiency. Vitamin d helps the absorption of calcium and promotes bone calcification function. Children's bone growth, requires a certain amount of vitamin d daily. For children, and day amount of cod liver oil (take 3-4 drops of concentrated cod-liver oil daily) is useful, especially for growing in winter in the North is more necessary. How long does it take for child's physical development in the case may be.
supplementary AD (cod liver oil) helps calcium absorption, prevention of rickets, the Sun also helps the absorption of calcium, be sure to go outside, not separated by glass, because ultraviolet rays cannot penetrate glass.
calcium should not be mixed with milk to eat, because calcium and milk mixture, milk will be formed into small pieces and impact absorption, calcium and cod liver oil should be breast-fed, half an hour later.
calcium for kids to eat breakfast in the morning is a good choice for half an hour after one hour or calcium, more easily absorbed by the human body, should be at five or six in the afternoon or after dinner.

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