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Baby haircut

  1. haircut apparatus of prepared
2. started haircut device, with haircut device handle gently contact baby head, let baby adapted haircut device of vibration.
3. positive package with baby, from forehead began, along hair growth of direction, with haircut device reverse shaved sent, first shaved to 2/3 hair, ear Hou first not shaved.
4. let baby lying in grandmother leg Shang, from neck sent root at began, with haircut device reverse shaved sent, shaved to all hair., including ear behind hair. < BR/> 5. in baby head uniform coated some talcum powder, check about has no leak shaved sent
haircut Hou baby head may appeared of situation:
1. scalp color not uniform, seems some parts hair didn't shaved clean, carefully check Hou not.
answered: due to some baby hair also not completely development good, shaved sent Hou hair follicles compared sparse of parts scalp color looks compared white, instead hair follicles compared intensive of parts scalp color looks compared deep. This is is normal of phenomenon, Associated with congenital factors, you may need to 1~2sui can be completely uniform long after, so no need to worry, do not need to increase the rate of your baby's hair, haircut will not make baby hair grows faster.
2. Milk ringworm on the scalp. (Following method only applies Yu general common milk Tinea symptoms)
a,. haircut Hou with baby run skin oil (colorless transparent liquid) or edible sesame oil coated Yu head milk Tinea parts.
b. 10 minutes around, stay milk Tinea completely softening Hou with cotton gently rub milk Tinea parts, makes milk Tinea from scalp.
c. last with soft of dry tissue gently wipe except head extra run skin oil and the milk Tinea. don't with wet tissue, avoid baby scalp by stimulus.

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