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Baby swimming

  Learn how to swim is also learning a skill that self-help, self's first points in the water, is to open our eyes to find road. Yellow coach, baby doesn't wear goggles into the water, it will naturally open your eyes. If you accidentally fall into the water, where will know how to open your eyes and see the shore.
babies under one year of age, because of gaps in bones, easy to float. But the bone is not strong, cannot support the body weight, so not suitable floating hands. Use of swimming laps, supports only the waist, the balance is not easy. So MOM and Dad's hands is the best helper. In addition, you can also use the Board and allow the baby to lie.
neck float is developed, applied to six months, especially the hands will not do big babies, collars for the baby do the vertical float, let his hands slightly moving in the water. Because little baby struggling behavior occurs, or by hand to grab the collar, so baby neck float is not appropriate for June above. In addition, if you want to use the neck float, best for home use and is not suitable for swimming in public pools; because it is fixed at their necks, if you accidentally hit by strangers, prone to danger.
swimming with all sports are the same, to maintain uninterrupted, will gradually see that effect. So when the parents were brave with a baby, swim step forward, remember to be sustainable in the long term in order to achieve the win-win of mother's beautiful, healthy baby.

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