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Differences spilled milk and spit milk

  General no sour milk spills the baby just after eating milk mouth overflowing milk may spit out milk from the nose or baby milk to vomit is stomach acid and some milk. And a lot of neonatal milk is a common phenomenon, starting with its anatomical and physiological characteristics of digestive tract, position horizontal position of baby stomach, stomach capacity is small, the cardiac sphincter at the entrance of the stomach, pyloric muscle at the outlet of the stomach is relatively tight, esophagus and short neural regulation of gastric function is not mature enough. Therefore, when milk into the stomach and then. is often easier for relaxation of the bi gate reflux to the esophagus, oral overflow. Most of the spill quantity is less, occasionally together for a long time from the nose and mouth to overflowing with milk instead of milk. Under normal circumstances, spilled milk more frequently in the neonatal period. this rapid growth, often about himself.
spit milk and spill milk, actually are is refers to milk from baby mouth inside flow out of phenomenon, just spit milk is stomach in the food was strong and powerful to emptying, and volume than more; spill milk is is refers to esophagus or stomach within of capacity real involuntarily to was upstream to oral outside of situation, may just small baby playing has a hiccup, to led few milk liquid from mouth overflow just. Under normal circumstances, baby milk, milk spill situation is the main reason the baby's stomach more shallow and esophageal sphincter of one-third of the rings have not yet fully developed. After the feeding, because the stomach swelling produces pressure, contraction of the sphincter is not sufficient to prevent food reflux in the stomach, so the baby vomits milk and milk spills often occur. This situation often occurs in newborn babies.
1 baby hiccups.
when the baby drink milk, because milk is in the lower part of the stomach, upper air, so it will cause stomach pressure, spilled milk and spit milk appears. MOM and dad should therefore help the baby burp, gas discharge. As long as the reduced pressure in the stomach, can reduce the vomits milk naturally, spilled milk and frequency. If you have trouble helping baby burp, then MOM and dad should hold baby upright and allow the baby to lie on his shoulders for at least 30 minutes, and pillow, let the baby lie on the right side so that you can effectively increase the stomach emptying rate.
2 change of milk, BREW
added in the milk for the baby usually cereal or milk a little thicker, so it is not easy to counter. However, easily lead to gastro-intestinal obstruction or too thick milk cause diarrhea, which will let the baby is not feeling well, so MOM and dad should be noted.
drug therapy if you have severe vomiting milk and milk spills, you should ask the doctor to prescribe a drug to stimulate the bowel movement to improve the milk spills. However, the medication is usually used as a last consideration, should be dominated by other solutions.

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