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Scientific feeding

  rush deployment of milk should strictly follow the instructions for brewing cannot be rushed in order to increase nutrient distribution is too strong, if the concentration is too large, and water to reduce the burden will increase the baby's kidneys. Experts advise that only when the growth characteristics of baby milk powder is the most appropriate. Parents not the blind pursuit of formula milk powder to add a variety of elements, elements are not the more, the better. Such as milk powder in the fat-soluble vitamins a, d, iron, zinc and other minerals, and toxic to children. Fresh milk is higher in protein and minerals, it would increase the renal solute load generally recommended within 2 years old baby not to eat. Proper brewing method is quantitative temperature-40 ℃ ~ 60℃ pour boiling water into the bottle, then add a proper proportion of milk powder. 30mL add a spoon of milk powder in the water, and mix thoroughly. Best eat it with now, to avoid contamination.
5-6 times a day, once every 3-4 hours. 100~150ML every time ... But it is not absolute. Child 2-hour cry of the hungry also feed in a timely manner. 5 hour sleep wake up and don't wake up to feed. Every time I drink 60~80 drink don't just give. Drinking 160 also, don't give up. 800ML up and down every day, not to exceed 1000. washed milk dilute points than expected. You can add some water. Watering is required between feeding, milk instead of water, but it contains water, watering the truth lies, let your baby adapt to the nipple, right after preparing to add complementary, or add complementary food when baby refused to eat with a pacifier, it would be more trouble. While water can clean the intestines, speed up the toxins.

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